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its way through the u.s. congress, politicians want to punish iran for its nuclear program but the white house is concerned the the new sanctions are badly timed. sanctions go ahead it would strengthen the existing embargoes. cutu.s. is hoping to exports by 1 million barrels per year. sanctions previously put in place by the u.s., un, and other nations, have frozen the assets of the run-in central bank, banning financial transactions. there are tough penalties as well for countries and institutions that continue to trade with iran. live for us from tehran, lot of challenges their for the new president, not the least of which are economic. right, there is a long, long list of challenges with high expectations to go along with that. the iranian people voted for change, that is what they want to see, he has a big task ahead of him, hitting the ground running and meeting with the regional representatives, as you mentioned, earlier this morning. particularly those from iraq and syria, iran has at -- has a vested interest in what goes on in those countries. following this economi
in this half- hour, the u.s. government offers a rare peek into spying methods. and we report on how britain's gamble on casino style games has led to a rise in addiction. egypt's interim government has given the police orders to end sit-in's by supporters of ousted president mohammed morsi. the cabinet said the rallies pose a threat to national security. thousands of loyalists have been protesting for weeks in cairo demanding his return. the muslim brotherhood insists they will stay put until morsi is reinstated. >> the cabinet has decided to take all necessary measures and us up -- a sign the police to it in the protest. is for the safety of the egyptian people. craigslist go live to our special corps isn't -- correspondent in cairo. what is the reaction on the ground to this statement? [indiscernible] there has been no sign yet of any sort of police action. people held that with -- people felt that with such a high- thatle dignitary here, now she is gone i think people felt -- the other thing to raise people's anxiety level. people have been here preparing , so the security precautions ar
round of voting in about nine days from now. >> remind us why this is such an important election for mali. is emerging from a crisis. rebels took over the north. then the french intervention and coup. after the has been instability spreading across the country. the military decided to leave the state to an interim president. he came on. the international community demanded an election be held to transfer power to a legitimately elected government. that was done last sunday. now the results are out. newans are hoping for a president to take the country out of its current predicament. security is a problem for the country. talked to told us the main expectations is to take them out of poverty, provide infrastructure, and take care of security. is a priority. there has been an agreement with the rebel force in the north. the focus is a new government to tackle poverty and infrastructure in the country. for that breaking news. we have results for the mali presidential election. i do have the numbers from the interior ministry. this is according to the interior ministry. there will be
be smaller than -- but the resolve is just as strong. people telling us this is no longer about reinstating mohamed morsi, it is about protecting revolutionn -- the that began in january of 2011. that is what they believe is at stake. they're are also trying to protect the square. this area was attacked a week people described by local residents. that is when they started putting barricades around the perimeter of the square. in thes been fortified last few hours. people say that despite the repeated warnings by the interior ministry and other they will officials, not go anywhere and they will andinue their sit in support of the deposed president. morsi protesters are camped out. >> those calling for his return called on egyptians to take the streets in a show of force to show how much opposition there was to the military coup and how many supported the return of mohamed morsi. turnout.en a massive at one point, there were over 30 marches taking place in cairo. by the end of friday, protests in 15 cities across egypt. turnout,m that massive those gathered here have tried to shed the light o
-hour, washington disappointed as moscow gives u.s. whistleblower edward snowden temporary asylum. early voting results in zimbabwe e's party in the lead as his rivals call the elections a huge farce. >> i am at the uk national archives where top-secret documents are top secret no more. find out why the relationship may not be as close as previously thought. >> diplomatic efforts to resolve egypt's political crisis are gathering pace. it comes as egypt's rulers issued a new warning to supporters of the deposed president to leave their road test camps quickly. -- their protest camps quickly. we do west are well is urging members of the interim government -- guido westerwelle is urging members of the interim government not to use violence. those loyal to mohamed morsi have been told if they leave their sit in protest without a fight, they will be given safe passage and protection. the government has not said at that -- the deadline for the -- has not set a deadline for the clear-out. >> the interior minister calls on those gathered listen to the voice of reason, give precedence to the national in
across the country. the gulfdiplomats from and the u.s. met with the muslim brotherhood. >> a hugely significant development in cairo. a meeting between the jailed deputy leader of the muslim oftherhood and the trimester -- the prime minister of qatar and the united arab emirates. that it lasted just under an hour. they told representatives that they should not be wasting their time negotiating. withhould go and negotiate our president, mohamed morsi. has been made repeatedly. the key lies with the deposed -- the deposed president, the elected president, mohamed morsi. >> many men go abroad to find jobs in upper egypt. we have this report. akhmed is a farmer. he really has much left over. this community, like many others, has an export crop. i asked, how stop many men left here question mark 100%. if they can all be together, they would all stop these are his cousins in saudi arabia. >> young guys want to have their own house. independent have an and better future. now wants a wife and a car of his own. the economics are simple. >> it could take me 10 or 15 years. over there, it coul
uses is to get the rule-based voting, wherever there is a candidate, if the jamaat supporters do not vote for them, they will vote for the bangladesh national party. i don't know how the ruling party thinks this could be a win for them. it is still a very compensated scenario down the road. iraq.lence in iraq he's -- iraqis are worried about what the rising to darien -- rising sectarian violence means for their country. >> the sense of injustice still provokes grief. iraq's wave of bombings play on ancient- on an sectarian struggle, a reigniting war between sunni and shia. iraq's divided politics put it at risk. >> the will of the people should be complemented by the will of the politicians, and they have yet to act coherently in order to find an exit from this horrible cycle of violence. and there is an x and -- an ex it. it takes them to sit together and generally engage in a dialogue that will take this country out of the vortex. >> if politicians are failing the people, security forces are also struggling. in the height of the war, u.s. officials would say they did not keep t
's a rave. then no. >> is it something about apologies us is? >> well tell you about the magna carta what it has to do with democracy and why it's so important to one british city. >> set to be officially confirmed as the new president of iran in the next couple of hours. he will be formally endorsed begin the weight to be given days of events. mahmoud ahmadinejad left office after eight years in power and is promiseing a different approach the ahmadinejad. so what's next for new iranian president? he stayed economy is his first priority. he said they are suffering due the presidency of the foreman leader, mom din jodd. analysts say the actual figure the double what is reported. and will work to release political prisoners but is already facing opposition from hard-liners on that issue. he also wants social freedoms and women's rights. >> when's the ceremony expected to take place? and what's going to happen? >> well, we're only a couple hours away from the ceremony dwhray takes place this afternoon about 5:00 p.m. local time here. at the supreme leader's office which is near teheran so j
president takes office with a promise to engage constructively with the rest of the world. u.s. diplomacy take center stage in egypt in an effort to resolve the political crisis. threats of rape, murder, attacks. againstat the fight social media's biggest menace. >> thank you for joining us. zimbabwe's long-term president has been reelected for another term. of themost two thirds vote. his victory has not gone unchallenged. the european union says it is concerned about a lack of transparency. his main rival, morgan tsvangirai, dismissed the results as fraud. -- we have this report. >> morgan tsvangirai says he is going to court to challenge the election results. he says the polls were rigged. robert mugabe's party won a two thirds majority in parliament. robert mugabe was reelected as president for another five years. >> what is the future of my children? what is the children of every household? what if the economic, social, political future of this country? are we sliding back to 2008? are we moving forward with new opportunities question mark that hope has been dashed. >> he wants afric
ofbritish mps said a group migration figures were a little based onan guests random used by travelers. a journalisthave and commentator and founder of a political blog. a representative of refugees and migrants form -- forum. what do you think of these proposed measures? discriminatorye in different ways. those going aring of the slogan the 1970's. is against the law to be an illegal immigrant in the uk. that is the problem i have with them saying go home. the problem i have with a 3,000 pound bond is that it is clearly discriminatory. coming from south asia or south african countries, and a lot of the people who stay in this country are from south africa, new zealand or australia. it is targeting asians and blacks. and it is trying to say, you are not welcome in this country. the confidence that people have and the british government and the way the government -- the u.k. looks at the outside world, but also to reduce unemployment in the u.k. because people want to come here and invest. >> regardless of where they happen to be coming from, when they come here illegally, doesn't the g
milk powder is shipped to several countries, including russia and china. u.s. state department says it is keeping several of its embassies and consulates closed until at least the evening of the week. posts in 19 cities across the muslim world remained shut. four african countries have been added to the list, but u.s. has opened post in kabul and baghdad. intelligence reports suggested a major terrorist attack could be on the way. the uk, france, and germany have followed suit, closing their embassies in yemen. this is been called the most serious terrorist threat since 9/11. u.s.common sight outside embassies across the middle east and north africa, doors closed and armed guards manning checkpoints. over 20 embassies and consulates were closed on sunday. he state department announced it would be keeping 19 closed until next saturday as indications of a suspected terrorist attack about it. u.s. intelligence gathered information from what it said amounted to a credible threat to u.s. embassies. some members of congress say nothing should be left to chance. like there has been an awfu
. sonia made the scheme compulsory. >> we went down to the community and convinced them to help us in this health program, because this is what you need, this is what we all need. >> the town joined forces with philhealth to subsidize annual fees. the poorest were excused altogether. a clinic was built to provide free primary care. residents now get free medicine, and visits to the doctor. the scheme paid 3 quarters of antonio's hospital bill, and entitles him to check-ups to see if he's beaten the fatal disease. >> [speaking native language] programs like this are very important, especially to us farmers, because they help us a lot. i could have died if not for the program, because i wouldn't have been able to pay for all expenses from my operation. >> freed from illness and crippling debt, sonia insists the people of san isidro are much better prepared for the current economic crisis. >> they're happy because they're not sick. that's one--that's a major component in becoming productive. and when somebody's happy, and they have dreams already, they're hopeful already. they can be
>> iran's new president offers a new start in foreign relations. the u.s. says it is willing to engage. >> hello. you are watching al jazeera live from london. we will have the latest from tehran and washington. also coming up on the program, 'spporters of zimbabwe president celebrate israel action as the opposition cries foul. syria's latest frontline -- rebels launch an attack on the port city. two wheels good, four wheels bad. why cyclists are taking over london. thank you for joining us. iran's new president has been sworn in at the official ceremony and he called for dialogue to improve iran's international relations. at home, he said he would work to improve the lives of ordinary citizens and reduce government interference. he took his first steps in parliament as iran's new president, sworn in before politicians and foreign dignitaries. in his speech, he promised to sue a path of moderation. pivotal and central is wisdom and rationality. moderation and balance. balancing idealism and realism. >> his language appears to mark a critchley or separation from the policy of
--over the last couple of years, where, you know, i used to play at least a minimum over the last sort of maybe two years, i would do at least maybe 3 gigs a month. that has gone down to sort of one gig a month, so, there's no money coming in there. and from the rest of the family that i put my family, like my brother-in-law, he just bought a house to move into the house. he got the keys in the month of september, and all of us are helping to--to do the house up. and then, he found out last weekend that he lost his job. so, there's nothing secure anymore in this country. >> when angelo arrived in swindon in the southwest, it was called britain's most productive town. it's home to honda and a host of other big employers, and when the economy boomed, it attracted thousands of migrants who now form 10% of the population. >> ♪ alleluia, gloria... ♪ >> goans form swindon's biggest migrant community. there are 8,000, more than the other migrant groups from the subcontinent, and the largest enclave outside goa itself. some arrive with their families and portuguese citizenship in the last decade. o
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)